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This implies that the detrital thermochronology record may reflect processes affecting relatively small parts of the orogenic system under consideration.

A reliable approach to lag-time analysis would thus benefit from an independent provenance discrimination of dated mineral grains, which may allow to proficiently reconsider many previous interpretations of detrital thermochronology datasets in terms of orogenic-wide steady state.

Detrital thermochronology is often employed to assess the evolutionary stage of an entire orogenic belt using the lag-time approach, i.e., the difference between the cooling and depositional ages of detrital mineral grains preserved in a stratigraphic succession.

The impact of different eroding sources to the final sediment sink is controlled by several factors, including the short-term erosion rate and the mineral fertility of eroded bedrock.

“Imagine for a moment the potential consequences if this flawed research were used to support a brutal regime’s efforts to identify and/or persecute people they believed to be gay,” said HRC’s Ashland Johnson, director of public education and research.

“Stanford should distance itself from such junk science.” The groups pointed to several limitations in the study that they said undermined its conclusions.

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The researchers found that facial morphology, expressions and grooming styles were all reliable predictors for whether a person was gay or straight.We found that apatite grains shed from different sources are geochemically distinct.Apatites from the Lepontine dome in the Central Alps show relative HREE enrichment, lower concentrations in Ce and U, and higher Nd ratios compared to apatites derived from the External Massifs.For example, they said, the researchers didn’t look at nonwhite people, didn’t independently verify information such as age and sexual orientation, and examined “superficial characteristics” such as weight, hairstyle and facial expression.The groups also said they brought up their concerns with the researchers to no avail.Derived provenance budgets point to a dominant apatite contribution to the Po delta from the high-fertility Lepontine dome, consistent with the range independently predicted from cosmonuclide and mineral-fertility data.