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) and propelled up onto a barstool with a bevy of babes vying for your attention. No, they'll pause, smile slowly, and reminisce with a deep and genuine affection.
It was cool enough when former “Camp Rock” co-stars Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato were working together as mentors for her team members on “The X-Factor”.

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While unicorn__jizz might not sound particularly pleasant to you, it could be a very easy way for someone to get across they have an interest in unicorn play. And our sexual preferences shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of – so why is Ok Cupid loudly making them a joke? But then you get into the implications of throwing your ‘real’ name on to a dating website and having things go wrong.Someone exploring their sexuality may use Ok Cupid to try speaking to people.At the moment, thankfully, Ok Cupid still allows you to use a nickname or a name of your choosing – it just can’t have any of the features a more ‘fun’ username.There’s a list of banned words you can no longer use (but Ok Cupid hasn’t yet stated what these words are), your name must be longer than two letters, and you can’t use any numbers, or symbols, or emoji.But the thing is, it’s not up to Ok Cupid to decide what names and words aren’t appropriate – and doing so could have dangerous consequences. Some of us change them later on in life (and to suggest that the name your parents gave you is the only ‘right’ one is hurtful to all kinds of people, including trans and non-binary people who feel their birth-name doesn’t fit).Some of us choose a different name to represent ourselves in different areas of the internet. Who you are in the workplace is not who you are when you’re on Tinder.

Now imagine if those abusers and harassers have your name. Your name is ammo, and you should be able to choose who to give it out to.

By trying to be an authority, and by doing it so spectacularly wrong, Ok Cupid will only put off users who no longer feel they’re welcome.

The people that remain on the site will have less privacy and be more at risk.

The irony is that part of Ok Cupid’s decision appears to be an attempt to cut down on trolling, catfishing, and harassment – which makes sense, considering that the site was voted the second worst dating site for harassment last year – when in fact, forcing the use of real names will only help unpleasant people be more unpleasant.

If Ok Cupid is keen on making their site a safer space, they should do so by educating people about safety (particularly about the sharing of personal information), being harsh on banning harassers when they send abusive messages, and keeping those who are targeted safe.